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The 1,0-2,4GW Herkules Floating Wind project, is approximately 60 km South-East of Gotland and is developed by SeaSapphire, powered by Simply Blue Group and Eolus.

SeaSapphire  is working in collaboration with leading wind energy consultants in Sweden and  in total 2,0GW-4,6GW of floating wind is planned to be developed  in Swedish waters.

In 2022 the Swedish government unveiled a plan to develop offshore wind power projects with 20TWh to 30TWh of annual clean energy generation capacity. In total, it is estimated that 90GW of offshore wind is needed to meet the target.

Sweden currently uses nearly 140TWh of electricity a year, with this amount expected to increase to 360TWh by 2045 as the country phases out the use of fossil fuels in its transport and industrial sectors.

Floating wind will play an important role in the Swedish Energy mix since it can be located further from shore and therefore its visual impact is significantly reduced.

The Herkules Floating Wind Project is focused on a site that is environmentally friendly and technically and commercially feasible.

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Should you have any feedback on the consultation documentation, please contact herkules@seaspphire.com and the team will register and analyse your feedback for the planned applications.