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Project Wesbite
Project Wesbite

SeaSapphire is investigating possibility for establishing an offshore windfarm in the Baltic Sea within the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The park plans to build max. 111 floating wind turbines just over 20 km north of the island Gotska Sandön. Skidbladner Floating Wind could potentially produce 11.7 TWh of electricity per year, which equates the generation of electricity for a million homes.  

The Skidbladner Floating Wind will consist of wind turbines mounted on the floating foundations, which will be anchored to the sea bottom. The forthcoming permit application concerns wind turbines with a maximum height of 360 meters.  

The project area has been selected through screening of, opposing interests, electricity needs, biological and geological conditions among other factors.

New offshore wind power within the project area will significantly contribute to both national and regional expansion targets for renewable energy production. Increased electricity production in the region could also potentially contribute to lower electricity prices, business opportunities and the transition to an electrified society.

Facts & Figures

Fakta och bilder

Faktat ja kuvat

Technical Design - Skidbladner
Technical Design
Teknisk Design
Tekninen Design

Approximately 111 floating wind turbines with maximum height of 360 m.

Parken omfattar upp till 111 flytande vindkraftverk med maximalt höjd på 360 m.

Kattaa 111 kelluvaa tuulivoimalaa, joiden maksimikorkeus on 360 metriä.

Renewable Energy Production - Skidbladner
Renewable Energy Production
Fornybar elproduktion
Uusiutuvan sähköntuotanto

1 - 2.2 GW > 11.7 TWh of electricity produced by Skidbladner Floating Wind per year.

Skidbladner vindkraftspark 1 – 2.2 GW > Årlig elproduktion på 11,7 TWh.

Skidbladner-tuulivoimapuisto 1 – 2.2 GW > Sähkön vuosituotanto 11,7 TWh.

Distance to the Coast - Skidbladner
Distance to the Coast
Avstånd från kust
Etäisyys rannikolta

The project will be located approx. 20 km north of the island Gotska Sandön.

Vindkraftsparken är belägen drygt två mil norr om Gotska Sandön.

Tuulivoimalaitos sijaitsee reilun 20 kilometrin etäisyydellä Gotska Sandöstä pohjoiseen.

Covered Area - Skidbladner
Covered Area

The project will cover an area of approximately 1,400 km2.

Projektet kommer att täcka en yta på cirka 1 400 km2.

Hankkeen pinta-ala on noin 1 400 km2.