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Wellamo Floating Wind is developed by Seasapphire, powered by Eolus and Simply Blue Group. The investigation area is in the Bothnian Sea approximately 90 kilometres off the coast of Satakunta region. The planned wind farm, Wellamo Offshore, will be located in the Finnish exclusive economic zone.

The project area is approximately 1 000 km2. Within this area approximately 100 wind turbines with a total height of a maximum of 360 m are planned to be installed. The installed capacity is planned to be optimized to approximately 2 000 MW, which means an addition of up to 8–9 TWh of renewable electricity into the Finnish electricity grid.  

In the future, electricity consumption is estimated to increase as transportation, heating and industry become electrified. Several significant and energy intensive industrial activities are located in Satakunta, for example steel manufacturing, paper mills and process industry plants.

The story behind Wellamo

Wellamo is the goddess of water, lakes and seas in Finnish mythology, and she controls the storms and waves. She is also being asked for a good catch by the fishermen.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Wellamo Offshore
  • Number of turbines: 100
  • Type of foundations: Floating
  • Grid connection: TBC
  • Annual electricity production: 8-9 TWh
  • Installed power: 2 000 MW
  • Project area: 1 000 km2


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